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Python console's workspace path

On 9/5/2017 10:26 AM, Andrej Viktorovich wrote:
> Hello,
> I run Python 3.6 console under windows 10. Where is default console directory?

It depends on how and where you start it.

> I run script:
>>>> tf = open ("aaa.txt", "w")
>>>> tf.write("aaaa %s" % 123)
>>>> tf.close()
> Where file aaa.txt will be created?

I have compiled 3.7 as F:\\dev\\3x\\PCbuild\\win32\\python_d.exe.  I 
suspect I originally started it from Explorer, so it started in
'F:\\dev\\3x\\PCbuild\\win32'.  I then pinned it to the task bar.  Left 
clicking the icon restarts it in the same directory.  If I right click 
the icon and then right click 'Python', I see Properties, which shows 
"Start in" and a box with the path above.  The Start in value can be edited.

If you start python with a console command, instead of an icon, the 
initial directory is instead the current directory when you issue the 

> Can I change default work space location? How?

By editing the icon (Rustom Mody), changing the directory before issuing 
a startup command, or with os.chdir (MRAB).

Terry Jan Reedy