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Case-insensitive string equality

On 2017-09-03, Gregory Ewing <greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz> wrote:
> Stefan Ram wrote:
>>   But of
>>   course, actually the rules of orthography require "Ma?e" or
>>   "Masse" and do not allow "MASSE" or "MASZE", just as in
>>   English, "English" has to be written "English" and not
>>   "english" or "ENGLISH".
> While "english" is wrong in English, there's no rule
> against using  "ENGLISH" as an all-caps version.

Perhaps there's no "rule" in your book of rules, but it's almost
universally considered bad style and you will lose points with your
teacher, editor, etc.

On the inter-tubes generally indicates you're shouting, or just a
kook.  I guess if either of those is true, then it's good style.

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