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Lies in education [was Re: The "loop and a half"]

On 2017-10-12 14:01, Stefan Ram wrote:
>   Many of the quotations are from the previous decade.

Thanks Stefan, that was fun.

>   I must say that C++ has improved in this decade (the 2010s),
>   and there also is a rennaisance of C and C++ (compared to
>   "coffee languages") usage because single-thread processor
>   speeds do not grow anymore ("the free lunch is over") and so
>   in the 2010s C and C++ are more valued as efficiency
>   languages (also saving energy in the data centers).

This is precisely the motivation of languages like Rust, Go and (in a
way) Julia: "C++ is horrid, but C is a slog. Python is too slow for
[insert specific use case]. There has to be a better way!"

Thomas Jollans