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Lies in education [was Re: The "loop and a half"]

Gregory Ewing <greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz> writes:

> Ben Bacarisse wrote:
>> That's a different type.  I think you mean that a human writing C
>> (rather than bartc's code generator) would probably design the code to
>> use tokenrec ** then I agree, but the latter is not just a different way
>> to write the former.
> Yes, I was translating his English description of the type
> into C, using C's meaning of the word "array". It seems that
> arrays in the original language (Algol? One of Bart's
> inventions?) are somewhat richer things.

Probably, but you can have pointers to array types in C which is what
the posted type used.  Humans pass arrays in C by passing a pointer to
the first element.  Pointers to arrays therefore crop up when passing 2D
(or higher) arrays, even when the code is hand written by a person.