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Lies in education [was Re: The "loop and a half"]

Bill wrote:
> Mikhail V wrote:
> > Python? Superior syntax for sure
> I believe that.  What accounts for the popularity of PHP then?

I can't tell for PHP for sure... As in many cases in software world, there is
a principle of "who was the first there to solve some task".
Probably also it was bundled with many Web solutions at the time when
Web market started to grow, IDK.

PS Off-topic:
I have a related observation regarding popularity of software.
There is such a program "VLC", which is a video player. Some would
think it is sort of best free player, etc. I was also under impression,
but then I've found a video player called "MPC-HC".
I have started to use it and quickly understood that it is by far more
superior player than VLC, literally by all core parameters - performance,
codec support, customizable key bindings with a lot of internal commands.
(Remark for Linux users: there is no Linux version of that player, it
is Windows-only)

So, I think one key to popularity is mostly related to *marketing*, in
case of MPC, there is also a problem of a *good name* for the software.
Once I was trying to remember, what was that nice player and just couldnt
remember. MPC, MTC, HTC... So if it was from the beginning somthing
more catchy like "Vulcano" or "Tornado" then I bet it would had way
bigger user community now. And surprisingly, VLC seems to be
more popular (if we take Windows), despite
it can't even read some video formats, which MPC can.
So go figure. Most important, one should not rely on those
trashy "Top-10 ..." articles, and don't judge by the fancy GUI,
 but try the software yourself for some time.