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The "loop and a half"

On 05/10/17 19:45, bartc wrote:
> Yes, I tried typing 'sort' in Linux, where it apparently hangs (same on 
> Windows actually). The reason: because it might have killed someone to 
> have added a message saying what you are expected to type and how to end 
> it. (Namely, press Ctrl-D start at the start of a line in Linux, and 
> Ctrl-Z followed by Enter, I think also at the start, in Windows.)

Actually it might.  Linux tools are written not to assume that stdin and 
stdout are the console, because they frequently aren't.  Extra puff 
written to stdout at best makes it harder to use in a pipeline, and at 
worst makes it useless; tools that do that tend not to get used.

Rhodri James *-* Kynesim Ltd