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Suggestions on storing, caching, querying json


Looking for suggestions around json libraries. with Python. I am looking for suggestions around a long term solution to store and query json documents across many files.

I will be accessing an api and downloading approx 20 json files from an api a week. Having downloaded this year I have over 200 files already. So it will grow at a reasonable rate.

What I have initially done is store them into a mongo db. Now I am wondering if this is useful or prudent since other than querying the json I wont have much use of other mongo features.

When querying the json files though queries will utilise multiple json files at once, not just retrieving a single record. The usage is for data analysis.

Is there a good json storage option, with caching and optimal querying etc.

Regarding querying I did find a library for json searching called ObjectPath written in Python http://objectpath.org/reference.html

Looking to leverage your experience.