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Scala considering significant indentation like Python

On 5/23/17 4:43 PM, Ben Finney wrote:

> The ?set-selective-display? command will collapse the current buffer's
> text to lines indented to the specified number of columns; the same
> command with no argument will expand the buffer to normal again. The
> command is bound to ?C-x $? in default Emacs.

How do I specify the number of columns when using "C-x $"?  It
doesn't prompt, and doesn't seem to take the current column of
the cursor position into account.  Just echoes:
     selective-display set to nil.

Same for using the command at the M-x prompt.  I type "M-x"
and see the M-x prompt, then then type "set-selective-display"
using tab to autocomplete it.  But I can't then type a column
number after a space or in parens or anything.  What am I missing?

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