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How to install Python package from source on Windows

bartc wrote:
> I don't consider the CPython bundle that portable because it really 
> demands that it be built under Linux. There is (now) a grudging 
> concession for Windows, but that solution wasn't satisfactory when I 
> tried it.

We already know that building Python from source on Windows
is not easy, but nobody should *need* to do that unless they're
actively working on developing Python itself. Binary packages
are provided for everyone else.

It's easy on Linux because unix was designed by programmers for
programmers, and the whole environment and culture is built
around "compile from source" being the usual way to *intall*
as well as develop software.

On Windows, in contrast, the usual way to install software is
to use a binary package. Compiling from sources is an exotic
activity done only by developers, and making it easy for
non-developers is not a goal.