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I need help with making my claculator

On Sat, 20 May 2017 09:13 pm, bartc wrote:

> On 20/05/2017 03:10, Chris Angelico wrote:
>> Without any specific questions, you're not going to get anything more
>> than a basic eyeballing of the code.
> Try running the program.
> (I did that but I can't follow this style of coding so can't help.)

Chris is within his rights to refuse to run untrusted code downloaded over
the internet.

It's not even the security aspect: the code is fairly short, and doesn't
appear to be obfuscated or do anything nasty.

But its a matter of fairness: we're volunteers, not slaves or paid workers,
and we get to choose on what problems we work on.

We're not being paid to solve people's problems, we're doing it from a sense
of community (and maybe to show off, a bit). We've only got so much time
and energy for solving people's problems, and the more vague those problems
are, the less likely we are to care enough to put the work in to solve it.

Give us an interesting problem, and some of us will put *hours* of work into
it. But give us something vague or boring or trivial, and What's In It For

The Original Poster garsink at gmail.com cares so little for our time that
he or she didn't even *ask* a question. Or give a name we can call them
(email addresses are so impersonal and unfriendly). Nothing but a pair of
statements: I need help, here's my code.

Well, we all need help, and thank you for sharing.

Why should we bother to run your code if you can't even be bothered to say
Please or Thank You or tell us what's wrong with it?

"garsink", or whatever you would like us to call you, please help us to help
you. Don't expect us to run your code until you've made it interesting for
us. Please read this webpage before answering:


It is written for Java programmers, but it applies to Python too.

Thank you.

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