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Python smpplib

santosh.yelamarthi at gmail.com writes:
> I need help in python smpplib, I am trying to send message through smpplib but I can't.
> Actually, In web I seen one video regarding this
> link : http://fosshelp.blogspot.in/2014/01/python-howto-send-sms-using-smpp.html
> In this video, he is able to send sms through the same code. He is getting output as 
> ==client.state==== 2
> ==client.state==== 1
> ==client.state==== 0

Like many (higher level) internet protocol, "smpp" is connection based.
A connection can be in one of several states: e.g. "open", "closed",
"outbound", "inbound", ...
The output above likely shows numeric representations of the state
of the client connection.

The discrepancy, you observed, likely means the an indended state change
did not work. Looking at the code should allow you to determine
which state change was affected.

If the analysis above is correct (no garantee), then the code
is not very good. It should provide better diagnostics if something
goes wrong. It would also have been better to provide "speaking"
representations for the states rather than numeric ones.