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How to install Python package from source on Windows

Am 19.05.17 um 02:27 schrieb bartc:
> So I need msbuild. (This is getting more and more like the Tutti Frutti 
> sketch in that Marx Bros film...)
> Install MSBUILD. Start a new console. Type msbuild; nothing. In fact I 
> can't find any trace of it. Eventually track it down to inside VS 
> directories, but there are several versions. Set up a temporary path, 
> but I get:

VS2015 installs all of the required command line tools, but they need 
some environment variables set up so that you can run the compiler from 
the command line. In your start menu, there should be an entry labelled 
"VS2015 Developer Command Prompt" or similar. When you run this, you get 
a fresh cmd.exe command window, inside this run the build script.

Caveat Emptor: I haven't run this build bat on Windows myself. I am a 
bit astonished it depends on svn. Which software packages does it 
download via svn? Isn't everything hosted on git these days, or at least 
mirrored somewhere where it can be accessed via git?