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How to install Python package from source on Windows

On 18/05/17 02:12, bartc wrote:
>> So tell us Bart, what do you think are the chances that your Q
>> compiler will
>> *just work* with no modifications at all if somebody tried to build it on
>> an IBM AS/400, or under BeOS?
> Maybe somebody can try it:
>     https://github.com/bartg/langs/blob/master/qlang/qcc64.c
>     https://github.com/bartg/langs/blob/master/qlang/pcc64.c

I don't have my RiscPC here at work, and anyway I'd need the 32-bit 
versions, but I had a quick look.  I didn't get as far as checking if 
endianness would bite it, but (a) you have no leg to stand on 
criticising configure scripts with that file, and (b) I think you may be 
making assumptions about non-aligned pointers that will kill you on 
ARM3, and are horribly inefficient elsewhere.

Rhodri James *-* Kynesim Ltd