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Best way to assert unit test cases with many conditions

> Yes.  Just assert each thing as it needs asserting.
 Asserting each sub test will fail the entire test,  I want the  to pass
the test if any the sub test passes.  If the sub test fail try all cases
and fail for the last one.

Example :

def test_this(self):

      if Sub_test_1():

    #passes  then  PASS the  Complete test  i.e. test_this() and  If
sub_test_1() fail then run further subtest!)

     elif run sub_test_2() :

     #Then PASS test_this() and  don't run  next test i.e
sub_test_3(),sub_test_4() etc)

     elif run sub_test_3()

     if sub_test_3()

     #  Then pass  test_this() and  don't run next test  i.e. sub_test_4()
,sub_test_5(). etc)