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Test 0 and false since false is 0

On 12/07/17 03:29, Stefan Ram wrote:
> Grant Edwards <grant.b.edwards at gmail.com> writes:
>> False is required to be a singleton.
>    ?singleton? usually means ?the sole object of its class?.
>        ?Ensure a class only has one instance, and provide a
>        global point of access to it.? - Gamma et al.

We are using the term differently.  We are vast, we contain multitudes, 
etc, etc.

>>>> type( False )
> <class 'bool'>
>>>> type( True )
> <class 'bool'>
>    It seems, ?False? is not a singleton under the
>    implementation of Python I used.

The point that was being made is that there are no other bools than True 
and False, and they are distinct from the objects 1 and 0.

Rhodri James *-* Kynesim Ltd