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AUCPR of individual features using Random Forest (Error: unhashable Type)

Hi mscs15059 and welcome!

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On Mon, 10 Jul 2017 09:47 pm, mscs15059 at itu.edu.pk wrote:

> I have a data set of 19 features (v1---v19) and one class label (c1) , I can
> eaily get the precision recall value of all variables with the class label,
> but I want the AUCPR of individual features with the class label The data is
> in this form

Unfortunately while we're Python experts here, we're not necessarily pandas
experts. I have no idea what AUCPR means.

> It gives the error unhashable type

What gives the error?

Please COPY and PASTE (don't retype from memory) the full error, starting with
the line that begins with "Traceback", to the end. 

That way we can see the exact error you are getting, and more importantly, which
line of code is producing it. Then we can start making suggestions for how to
fix the problem.

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