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About the implementation of del in Python 3

On Fri, 7 Jul 2017 10:34 am, Gregory Ewing wrote:

> Steve D'Aprano wrote:
>> Address refers to a position in space.
> Not always. A PO Box number can remain the same when its owner's
> location in space changes.

But the PO box itself does not change.

Pedantically, I guess it could: the post office might renumber the boxes, or the
post office itself could move. Likewise, the city council might decide to
change the name of my street from Foo Street to Bar Drive. But putting aside
unusual circumstances like those, which add complexity but no insight, the
whole point of having a PO Box is that it doesn't change address even as its
owner wanders from place to place.

> And IP addresses notoriously fail to 
> identify physical locations.

That's true. But IP addresses are addresses in a virtual space, not physical

Bringing this back to Python, it is notable that Python's execution model does
not require objects to have a single physical location in memory. Which is
good, since that allows people to write Python interpreters in languages like
Java and the .Net CLR where objects don't have a single physical location in

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