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Test 0 and false since false is 0

On Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 9:57:43 PM UTC-5, Skip Montanaro wrote:
> I was trying to solve a problem and cannot determine how to filter 0's but
> not false.
> I'm typing on my phone so can't paste a session [...]

I have not tried any for myself, but there are a few Python
installations available for the mobile platforms these days.
So you may want to check that out. As for me, i've totally
dumped all mobile platforms.

I can remember when microsoft introduced their phones with a
full installation of windows 10, and all the critics were
like, "who needs a full version of windows 10 on a phone?
[insert uninformed laugh here]". But then that lightbulb
goes off in your head, and you realize that for all their
"supposed freedom", the mobile platforms are basically
prisons. Sure, they may offer a quite extensive selection
of apps, but who needs another version of angry birds
lifting credit card numbers, or a kitchen timer with a
slighty different interface? Sheesh! And have you ever
wondered why something as simple as a damned calculator
needs access to your credentials, your address book, your
internet controls, your email accounts, etc, etc -- why
don't you just bend over a barrel and give them root access
for cryin' out loud!

For that reason, and many more, i have completely dumped all
mobile platforms. No Apple. No stupid Andriod. Nothing. And
you know what... my life is so much better now.