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School Management System in Python

On 07/05/2017 02:56 PM, Tim Golden wrote:
> There's been some discussion recently on the Computing At School forums
> here in the UK where at least one teacher explained that they taught
> pickle in the way it's being used here essentially because it's really
> simple: you just through your object at .dump/.load and it's done.
> Otherwise you have to roll your own serialisation of some sort. Which
> might be simple but is yet another thing to introduce into an already
> busy curriculum.

That's certainly good reasoning that I hadn't thought of. Makes a bit
more sense as to why I see it used like this so often. And it certainly
does make sense to not get bogged down in every different detail when
beginning so I see why one would teach this way. In fact I feel like it
could have been a good idea in the different times I've taught people
this sort of thing...

Thanks for the perspective!