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School Management System in Python

On 05/07/2017 13:49, Thomas Nyberg wrote:
> On 07/05/2017 02:14 PM, Sam Chats wrote:
>> Thanks for your suggestions. I would've not used pickle had I been aware about other tools while developing this.
>> I was thinking about migrating to sqlite3. How about that? And yes, I need more comprehanesive documentation.
>> Will work on that soon.
>> Thanks,
>> Sam Chats
> Personally I prefer text formats until I have some need to switch. That
> way I can look at files directly instead of needing to unpickle or to
> load up sqlite or whatever. It just seems like overkill when it's
> unnecessary. Depending upon how you are updating data, using sqlite or
> some database might make sense, but if you're just reading in or writing
> out entire text files, then I'd just recommend skipping sqlite and
> instead just writing to the files directly.

There's been some discussion recently on the Computing At School forums 
here in the UK where at least one teacher explained that they taught 
pickle in the way it's being used here essentially because it's really 
simple: you just through your object at .dump/.load and it's done. 
Otherwise you have to roll your own serialisation of some sort. Which 
might be simple but is yet another thing to introduce into an already 
busy curriculum.