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School Management System in Python

On 07/05/2017 01:31 PM, Sam Chats wrote:
> Feel free to comment on my high school project. I really enjoyed building it and it is the biggest project I've developed so far
> (in terms of lines of code). All you need to do is to run the S-Koo-L.py script.
> I've built more eye-catchy things with less code (see my other repos), but this does a lot more than perhaps all of them,
> while having a command line REPL interface. One neat thing I wanted to mention is that this project has absolutely no
> third-party dependencies.
> https://github.com/schedutron/S-Koo-L
> Sam Chats

Just a few comments:

1. You probably shouldn't add *.pyc files like that to your source
control since they're binary files.

2. I don't think you should be dumping pickeled objects to the log file.
It's much nicer if you just write text to it. For example, you're
pickling a date object to the log file, but you could instead just write
the string corresponding to it.

3. Personally I think you should probably stop using pickle files
entirely here. It seems like you could just as easily store them in a
text readable format and then load the data (say names) in line by line.
You might want to look into the csv module.

4. You probably want some documentation walking through what this should
be doing.