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Linux/Windows GUI programming: tk or wx?

On 2017-08-05, Michael Torrie <torriem at gmail.com> wrote:

> Well tk is already an optional part of the Python standard library,
> whereas wx is an external package.  So for your simple requirements,
> Tk may be the way to go.

I find it much easier to get a simple application written and working
with Tk than with wx.  However, once the size/complexity increases
beyond a certain point, I find wx to be less work.

> I'm guessing the tk would result in the
> smallest executable as well, though I could be very wrong.

The last time I compared wx vs tk bundled sizes using py2exe (for a
fairly simple application), using tk generated far larger .exe files.

When you use Tk, it pulls in a complete TCL implementation as well as
the Tk libraries (which contain way more library files than wx --
IIRC, there was a _lot_ of localization stuff in the Tk libraries).

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