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Linux/Windows GUI programming: tk or wx?

Am 05.08.17 um 01:45 schrieb Ulli Horlacher:
> I have to transfer a python 2.7 CLI programm into one with a (simple) GUI.
> The program must run on Linux and Windows and must be compilable with
> pyinstall, because I have to ship a standalone windows.exe
> Any kind of installer is not acceptable.

TkInter works with pyinstaller, done that before. Also I suspect you are 
continuing your work with the file transfer service, and in that case, 
congratulations that you came to the conclusion to do a proper GUI ;)

Back then I even created a "getting started" version for you, see here:


Maybe it is useful now. If you replace the "askopenfilename" by 
"askopenfilenames", it will allow to select multiple files and return 
them as a list.