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Catching an exception in a variable

"ast" <nomail at com.invalid> writes:

> Why variable ex doesn't exist ?

Because of a deliberate decision made to delete it. Silently.

This is documented:

    When an exception has been assigned using as target, it is cleared
    at the end of the except clause. This is as if

        except E as N:

    was translated to

        except E as N:
                del N

    This means the exception must be assigned to a different name to be
    able to refer to it after the except clause. Exceptions are cleared
    because with the traceback attached to them, they form a reference
    cycle with the stack frame, keeping all locals in that frame alive
    until the next garbage collection occurs.


but I think this is a terrible idea. It silently deletes a name binding
from the current scope, without the code explicitly asking for that.

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