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SSL/TLS support in Pyro4


Pyro4 (http://pyro4.readthedocs.io) allows you to call methods on Python objects running
on other machines, as if they were just normal local objects.

Regarding the network communication: it hasn't got any real security mechanisms built-in
and always explicitly depended on external tools or systems to provide this (such as VPN
or SSL tunneling). Until now: I've finally started adding SSL/TLS support to Pyro4
itself. The work-in-progress 4.62 version has it (git master branch). Docs are still
lacking right now but there is a working ssl example included.

I wonder if any current (or new) users of Pyro4 want to check this out? The biggest
concern I have is that I only have dummy (self-signed) certificates so I can't test it
with "real" certs to see if the validation works correctly.

Alternatively, is there a cheap way to get an 'official' SSL certificate for testing
purposes.  I don't think letsencrypt can help here because it is only for web sites?
(and their certs are only valid for a very short period)

Irmen de Jong