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[Python-Dev] Recent buildbot reports and asyncio test failures


Update. I'm collaborating with Pablo to fix these recent regressions.
We had to revert 2 changes to fix asyncio and multiprocessing test
failures and crashes.

New issue:

"opcode cache for LOAD_GLOBAL emits false alarm in memory leak hunting"

INADA-san worked around this issue by disabling the new opcode cache
(LOAD_GLOBAL optimization) when Python is compiled in debug mode.

We should try to find a more long term solution after beta1 release.

Le lun. 3 juin 2019 ? 17:05, Victor Stinner <vstinner at redhat.com> a ?crit :
> *MANY* failures: "test_asyncio: test_cancel_gather_2() dangling thread"
> https://bugs.python.org/issue37137

Andrew Svetlov identified the root issue, it's a side effect of a new feature:

He reverted his change to fix the bug. We may reconsider the feature
after beta1 (that's up to our Release Manager, I guess).

Note: I pushed 2 changes to attempt to fix the issue, but they didn't
fix the issue. We can consider to revert them after beta1.

> Some failures on specific buildbots. multiprocessing does crash
> randomly on Windows:
>    https://bugs.python.org/issue37143
> and on FreeBSD:
>    https://bugs.python.org/issue37135
> I bet on a regression caused by:
>    https://bugs.python.org/issue33608#msg344240

Pablo and me identified the root issue:

I reverted a change to fix the regression.

Sadly, previously I also reverted a different change which wasn't the
root cause. We can consider to maybe reapply it after beta1.

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