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[Python-Dev] Recent buildbot reports and asyncio test failures

Many tests are failing randomly on buildbots.

*MANY* failures: "test_asyncio: test_cancel_gather_2() dangling thread"

Some failures on specific buildbots. multiprocessing does crash
randomly on Windows:
and on FreeBSD:
I bet on a regression caused by:

One failure. "test_asyncio timed out on AMD64 FreeBSD CURRENT Shared 3.x"

I failed to reproduce any of these bugs.


Le lun. 3 juin 2019 ? 12:42, Pablo Galindo Salgado
<pablogsal at gmail.com> a ?crit :
> Hi everyone,
> Just a heads-up regarding some messages you will see in your pull requests. There is an intermittent failure on some buildbots
> regarding asyncio:
> https://buildbot.python.org/all/#/builders/21
> As the builds do not fail all the time, the systems understand that if your (merged) commits fail to build, they may be the cause
> of the failure and then it does a report into the pull request.
> I am working on investigating a way to improve the report mechanism to make it less noisy in this case, but bear in mind that
> the correct way to solve this is fixing the asyncio bug in the test suite and this won't likely go away completely until is solved.
> We are doing all that we can to solve all the recent leaks and failures on the test suite, but there is a noticeable increase in the
> number of merged pull requests because of the imminent feature freeze and because this happens across several timezones
> is very difficult to get them all.
> Thanks to everyone that is helping solving these bugs :)
> Regards from sunny London,
> Pablo Galindo Salgado
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