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[Python-Dev] Expected stability of PyCode_New() and types.CodeType() signatures

Serhiy Storchaka schrieb am 01.06.19 um 09:02:
> I have a related proposition. Yesterday I have reported two bugs (and Pablo
> quickly fixed them) related to handling positional-only arguments. These
> bugs were occurred due to subtle changing the meaning of co_argcount. When
> we make some existing parameters positional-only, we do not add new
> arguments, but mark existing parameters. But co_argcount now means the only
> number of positional-or-keyword parameters. Most code which used
> co_argcount needs now to be changed to use co_posonlyargcount+co_argcount.
> I propose to make co_argcount meaning the number of positional parameters
> (i.e. positional-only + positional-or-keyword). This would remove the need
> of changing the code that uses co_argcount.

Sounds reasonable to me. The main distinction points are positional
arguments vs. keyword arguments vs. local variables. Whether the positional
ones are positional or positional-only is irrelevant in many cases.

> PyCode_New() can be kept unchanged, but we can add new PyCode_New2() or
> PyCode_NewEx() with different signature.

It's not a commonly used function, and it's easy for C code to adapt. I
don't think it's worth adding a new function to the C-API here, compared to
just changing the signature. Very few users would benefit, at the cost of
added complexity.