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[Python-Dev] Python in next Windows 10 update


Le 21/05/2019 ? 22:30, Steve Dower a ?crit?:
> [...]
> * the Python 3.7 installed from the store will not auto-update to 3.8,
> but when 3.8 is released we (Microsoft) will update the redirect to
> point at it
> * if you pass arguments to the redirect command, it just exits with an
> error code - you only get the Store page if you run it without arguments

I was wondering how those 2 bullet points combine. Say a user installs
3.7 from the store, then uses "python.exe" with arguments, in a shebang
line or a batch script.

Does it mean the script might break unexpectedly when 3.8 is released?
Then, would it make sense for the redirect command to proxy to the 3.7
install when arguments are passed?