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[Python-Dev] Parser module in the stdlib

Le ven. 17 mai 2019 ? 00:44, Nathaniel Smith <njs at pobox.com> a ?crit :
> Will the folks using forks be happy to switch to the stdlib version?
> For example I can imagine that if black wants to process 3.7 input
> code while running on 3.6, it might prefer a parser on PyPI even if
> the stdlib version were public, since the PyPI version can be updated
> independently of the host Python.

Pablo wrote:
> I think is missing an important gap in the stdlib and the closest thing we have
> (the current parser module) is not useful for any of that. Also, the core to generating
> the hypothetical new package (with some new API over it may be) is already undocumented
> as an implementation detail of lib2to3 (and some people are already using it directly).

IMHO it's way better to first mature a module on PyPI to ensure that it becomes:

* battle-tested
* have a well defined and *stable* API
* have a good test suite

Right now, everything looks too vague to me.

Reminder: the stdlib basically only gets a release every 2 years. If
you forget a super important feature, you have to wait 2 years to add

Even for bugfixes, you also have to wait months if not years until all
vendors upgrade their Python package...

I'm not sure that putting it directly in the stdlib is a good idea.


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