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[Python-Dev] Easier debugging with f-strings

On 5/6/2019 5:39 PM, Eric V. Smith wrote:
> Last fall Larry Hastings made a suggestion for adding a way to make 
> so-called "print-based debugging" easier with f-strings. Basically the 
> approach is that f-strings would be able to produce the text of the 
> expression and the value of that expression, without repeating the 
> expression in the f-sting. No more writing f'foo={foo}, bar={bar}'. 
> foo and bar should each only be in there once each!

> My plan is to commit this change before 3.8b1. If anyone would like to 
> discuss it at PyCon, I'll be around until about 10:30 am on Tuesday. 
> I'll be in the CPython sprint room, and I'll be watching bpo, too.

Yes, I'd like this yesterday, please :)? Thanks!
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