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[Python-Dev] PEP 590 discussion


I realize that you are in a difficult position. You'll end up 
disappointing either me or Mark...

I don't know if the steering council or somebody else has a good idea to 
deal with this situation.

> Jeroen has time

Speaking of time, maybe I should clarify that I have time until the end 
of August: I am working for the OpenDreamKit grant, which allows me to 
work basically full-time on open source software development but that 
ends at the end of August.

> Here again, I mostly want to know if the details are there for deeper
> reasons, or just points to polish.

I would say: mostly shallow details.

The subclassing thing would be good to resolve, but I don't see any 
difference between PEP 580 and PEP 590 there. In PEP 580, I wrote a 
strategy for dealing with subclassing. I believe that it works and that 
exactly the same idea would work for PEP 590 too. Of course, I may be 
overlooking something...

> I don't have good general experience with premature extensibility, so
> I'd not count this as a plus.

Fair enough. I also see it more as a "nice to have", not as a big plus.