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[Python-Dev] how to rerun the job “Azure Pipelines PR”?

On 02Apr2019 0522, Karthikeyan wrote:
> Closing and re-opening the PR will trigger the CI run again that might 
> help in this case but it will run all the jobs.

Yes, I believe this is still the best way to re-run Pipelines jobs.

For people with logins (not yet everyone in the GitHub org, but I hear 
that's coming) you can requeue the build, but last time I tried it 
didn't sync back to the pull request properly (I think it needs GitHub 
to cooperate, which is why triggering it from GitHub works best.)

The Pipelines team is aware of this and working on it, so I expect the 
integration to improve over time. For now, close/reopen the PR.