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[Python-Dev] New Python Initialization API

On 28Mar2019 0703, Victor Stinner wrote:
> In fact, there is already a PyConfig._init_config flag (currently
> named _PyCoreConfig._init_main) which only initializes Python up to
> the "core initialization" if set to 0. This parameter is private since
> it's unclear to me what should be the exact scope of "core" vs "main"
> init.

We tried to set up a video call between the interested people (Eric, 
Nick, myself, yourself, couple of others) to clarify this point, and you 
refused to join ;)

That said, the call never happened (honestly, there's not a lot of point 
in doing it without you being part of it), so we still don't have a 
clear idea of where the line should be drawn. But there are enough of us 
with fuzzy but valid ideas in our heads that we really need that 
brainstorming session to mix them together and find something feasible. 
Maybe we're best to put it off until PyCon at this point.