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[Python-Dev] New Python Initialization API

Le jeu. 28 mars 2019 ? 05:27, Stephen J. Turnbull
<turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp> a ?crit :
> Victor Stinner writes:
>  > I just fixed the mojibake issue in Python 3.8 by disabling C locale
>  > coercion and UTF-8 Mode by default. I'm not sure if nor how Python 3.7
>  > should be fixed in a minor 3.7.x release.
> That sounds like a potential regression.  Those two features were
> added *and turned on by default* (which really means "if you detect
> LC_TYPE=C, coerce") to relieve previously existing mojibake/
> UnicodeError issues due to ASCII-only environments that are difficult
> to configure (such as containers).  Turning them on by default was the
> controversial part -- it was known that on or off, some environments
> would have problems, and that's why they needed PEPs.  Do those issues
> return now?  If so, where is the PEP rationale for defaulting to "on"
> faulty?

If you use "python3.8", there is no change. I'm only talking about the
specific case of Python embedded in an application: when you use the C

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