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[Python-Dev] New Python Initialization API

Victor Stinner writes:

 > I just fixed the mojibake issue in Python 3.8 by disabling C locale
 > coercion and UTF-8 Mode by default. I'm not sure if nor how Python 3.7
 > should be fixed in a minor 3.7.x release.

That sounds like a potential regression.  Those two features were
added *and turned on by default* (which really means "if you detect
LC_TYPE=C, coerce") to relieve previously existing mojibake/
UnicodeError issues due to ASCII-only environments that are difficult
to configure (such as containers).  Turning them on by default was the
controversial part -- it was known that on or off, some environments
would have problems, and that's why they needed PEPs.  Do those issues
return now?  If so, where is the PEP rationale for defaulting to "on"