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[Python-Dev] New Python Initialization API

On 27Mar2019 1048, Victor Stinner wrote:
> Since November 2017, I'm refactoring the Python Initialization code to
> cleanup the code and prepare a new ("better") API to configure Python
> Initialization. I just fixed the last issues that Nick Coghlan asked
> me to fix (add a pre-initialization step: done, fix mojibake: done).
> My work is inspired by Nick Coghlan's PEP 432, but it is not
> implementing it directly. I had other motivations than Nick even if we
> are somehow going towards the same direction.

I this this should be its own PEP, since as you say it is not 
implementing the only PEP we have (or alternatively, maybe you should 
collaborate to update PEP 432 so that it reflects what you think we 
ought to be implementing).

Having formal writeups of both ideas is important to help decide between 
the two. It's not good to overrule a PEP by pretending that your change 
isn't big enough to need its own.

(Not trying to devalue the work you've been doing so far, since it's 
great! But internal changes are one thing, while updating the public, 
documented interfaces deserves a more thorough process.)