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[Python-Dev] BDFL-Delegate appointments for several PEPs

Hi Petr,

Regarding PEPs 576 and 580.
Over the new year, I did a thorough analysis of possible approaches to 
possible calling conventions for use in the CPython ecosystems and came 
up with a new PEP.
The draft can be found here:

I was hoping to profile a branch with the various experimental changes 
cherry-picked together, but don't seemed to have found the time :(

I'd like to have a testable branch, before formally submitting the PEP,
but I'd thought you should be aware of the PEP.


On 24/03/2019 12:21 pm, Nick Coghlan wrote:
> Hi folks,
> With the revised PEP 1 published, the Steering Council members have
> been working through the backlog of open PEPs, figuring out which ones
> are at a stage of maturity where we think it makes sense to appoint a
> BDFL-Delegate to continue moving the PEP through the review process,
> and eventually make the final decision on whether or not to accept or
> reject the change.
> We'll be announcing those appointments as we go, so I'm happy to
> report that I will be handling the BDFL-Delegate responsibilities for
> the following PEPs:
> * PEP 499: Binding "-m" executed modules under their module name as
> well as `__main__`
> * PEP 574: Pickle protocol 5 with out of band data
> I'm also pleased to report that Petr Viktorin has agreed to take on
> the responsibility of reviewing the competing proposals to improve the
> way CPython's C API exposes callables for direct invocation by third
> party low level code:
> * PEP 576: Exposing the internal FastCallKeywords convention to 3rd
> party modules
> * PEP 580: Revising the callable struct hierarchy internally and in
> the public C API
> * PEP 579: Background information for the problems the other two PEPs
> are attempting to address
> Regards,
> Nick.