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[Python-Dev] BDFL-Delegate appointments for several PEPs

Hi folks,

With the revised PEP 1 published, the Steering Council members have
been working through the backlog of open PEPs, figuring out which ones
are at a stage of maturity where we think it makes sense to appoint a
BDFL-Delegate to continue moving the PEP through the review process,
and eventually make the final decision on whether or not to accept or
reject the change.

We'll be announcing those appointments as we go, so I'm happy to
report that I will be handling the BDFL-Delegate responsibilities for
the following PEPs:

* PEP 499: Binding "-m" executed modules under their module name as
well as `__main__`
* PEP 574: Pickle protocol 5 with out of band data

I'm also pleased to report that Petr Viktorin has agreed to take on
the responsibility of reviewing the competing proposals to improve the
way CPython's C API exposes callables for direct invocation by third
party low level code:

* PEP 576: Exposing the internal FastCallKeywords convention to 3rd
party modules
* PEP 580: Revising the callable struct hierarchy internally and in
the public C API
* PEP 579: Background information for the problems the other two PEPs
are attempting to address


Nick Coghlan   |   ncoghlan at gmail.com   |   Brisbane, Australia