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[Python-Dev] Remove tempfile.mktemp()

19.03.19 16:21, Paul Ganssle ????:
> I'm not sure the relationship with mkdir and mktemp here. I don't see
> any uses of tempfile.mktemp in pip or setuptools, though they do use
> os.mkdir (which is not deprecated).
> Both pip and setuptools use pytest's tmpdir_factory.mktemp() in their
> test suites, but I believe that is not the same thing.

My fault!

Initially I searched mktemp, and have found usages in distutils, tests, 
and few other modules in the stdlib. When I wrote the last message I 
repeat the search on the wider set of Python sources, but for *mkdir* 
instead of *mktemp*! Thank you for catching this mistake Paul.

Actually, seems mktemp is used exclusively in tests in third-party projects.