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[Python-Dev] Testing cross-compiled python (windows arm32) from build bot

We (Wind River) are doing it for VxWorks, which is also cross-compiled, and has no concept of chroot you see in Linux. 
The trick is to insert a little switch from local to a remote shell between the build and the test run via ssh (or telnet).
Don't think we gotten anywhere near upstreaming that little change though?
CPython's buildbot is actually easier than most to open source test suites to adapt to cross compile, because everything is run in python after the build, so you only have to make one switch in context.


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> On 18.03.19 21:10, Paul Monson via Python-Dev wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > For windows arm32 I would like to be able run tests in the buildbot.
> > Windows arm32 programs built with MSVC are always cross-compiled.
> > This means I need to build cpython on x86/x64 and then deploy the build
> artifacts and run the tests on an ARM32 device.
> >
> > Is there any documentation or examples of how to do this?
> > If not, are there any recommendations for how to achieve this?
> I'm not aware of any documentation. For arm-linux-gnueabihf I once had a
> setup with two chroots, the first one for cross-building python, and then the
> second one for running the tests using qemu.  Two separate chroots to make
> sure that I don't run any target code during the build.  The build location bind
> mounted in both chroots to avoid the copy step.
> Matthias
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