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[Python-Dev] Testing cross-compiled python (windows arm32) from build bot

On 18.03.19 21:10, Paul Monson via Python-Dev wrote:
> Hello,
> For windows arm32 I would like to be able run tests in the buildbot.
> Windows arm32 programs built with MSVC are always cross-compiled.
> This means I need to build cpython on x86/x64 and then deploy the build artifacts and run the tests on an ARM32 device.
> Is there any documentation or examples of how to do this?
> If not, are there any recommendations for how to achieve this?

I'm not aware of any documentation. For arm-linux-gnueabihf I once had a setup
with two chroots, the first one for cross-building python, and then the second
one for running the tests using qemu.  Two separate chroots to make sure that I
don't run any target code during the build.  The build location bind mounted in
both chroots to avoid the copy step.