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[Python-Dev] Using CLA assistant for Python contributions

On Thu, Mar 07, 2019 at 10:49:50AM -0800, Mariatta wrote:

> Unless I hear strong opposition (with reasons) from Python Steering
> Council, Python core developers, and active core contributors, I plan to
> switch us over to to CLA assistant in the coming week (before my OOOS of
> March 18)

OOOS? Object Oriented Operating System?

> How this will affect all contributors to Python old and new:
> - you will need to sign the CLA again, even if you've signed it before (in
> bpo). It will take you several clicks, 

If this is a Github thing, it will probably take me a lot more than 
several clicks. It will probably take me a whole OS upgrade.

> but then you'll do this only once,
> and it takes effect immediately. (instead of waiting for a PSF staff to
> check for it)

I don't have an opinion on the specific technology you use for future 
CLAs. If CLA Assistant is the tool you want to use for future 
contributors, then go for it.

But I think it is ... I need a word weaker than rude ... ill-mannered(?) 
to ask people to re-sign an agreement they have already signed, without 
a really good reason.

I suppose it can be forgiven if:

- the signing process is straight-forward and easy;
- and supporting the legacy CLAs is particularly difficult;

but if the existing CLAs haven't expired, haven't been revoked, and 
there's no legal reason why they are no longer in force, then why 
are you asking us to re-sign?

I will if I really must, but I'll feel put out over it.