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[Python-Dev] Using CLA assistant for Python contributions

I've posted in Discourse under core-workflow category
<https://discuss.python.org/t/using-cla-assistant-for-python/990>, and this
has been previously discussed on the core-workflow mailing list
<https://mail.python.org/archives/list/core-workflow at python.org/thread/JBV3XJVD2DLDX5DY7TZEA6CO5YPNHJ2C/>,
but I feel this affects the wider contributors to Python, so wanted to
share it here for more visibility.


We'd like to start using CLA assistant for contributions to Python
(including CPython, devguide, PEPs, all the bots etc). Ernest had set up
our own instance of CLA assistant, and it had been tested by several core
developers. We've also consulted The PSF and Van Lindberg for legal advice.

Unless I hear strong opposition (with reasons) from Python Steering
Council, Python core developers, and active core contributors, I plan to
switch us over to to CLA assistant in the coming week (before my OOOS of
March 18)

How this will affect all contributors to Python old and new:

- you will need to sign the CLA again, even if you've signed it before (in
bpo). It will take you several clicks, but then you'll do this only once,
and it takes effect immediately. (instead of waiting for a PSF staff to
check for it)

- bpo username will no longer be required when signing the CLA

- CLA will be accepted under Apache v2 only (no more Academic Free license)

For even more details, please follow the discourse post and the
core-workflow mailing list linked above, as well as the "CLA" section of my
blog post about Core Python sprint 2018

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