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[Python-Dev] configparser: should optionxform be idempotent?

07.03.19 11:18, Inada Naoki ????:
> So what should we do about optionxform?
> a)  Document "optionxform must be idempotent".
> b) Ensure all APIs calls optionxform exactly once, and document
>     "When you get option name from section objects, it is already
>      optionxform-ed.  You can not reuse the option name if
>      optionxform is not idempotent, because optionxform will be
>      applied to the name again."
> I prefer (a) to (b) because it's simple and easy solution.

I am not expert of configparser, but I prefer (a). The purpose of 
introducing optionxform was to make lowercasing optional.