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[Python-Dev] PEPs from non-core devs now need a sponsor

On 05Mar2019 1245, Chris Angelico wrote:
> How much effort does it take to sponsor a PEP? I'm not a core dev, but
> I can help someone with the work of writing and publishing. So if, in
> that hypothetical situation, some (very busy) core dev were willing to
> say "yeah, go ahead, put my name on it", would that be sufficient? If
> so, it shouldn't be a problem to require this - any proposal with
> enough support to be worth PEPing should have at least one person
> who's willing to have his/her name in the headers.

For the record, now that he's joined the conversation, Chris is who I 
had in mind when I invented the term "PEP triager" in my email :)

If we had a way of appointing people who we trust to be non-core dev 
sponsors of PEPs, I'd nominate him. Though I suspect he's well known 
enough to the council that they'd accept his support of a PEP as 
sufficient to consider it from someone who's otherwise completely 
unknown. There are always grey areas in any policy.