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[Python-Dev] PEPs from non-core devs now need a sponsor


Le mar. 5 mars 2019 ? 02:53, Brett Cannon <brett at snarky.ca> a ?crit :
> The steering council has implemented a new idea called sponsors to the PEP process (...). The thinking is that to help make sure PEPs from non-core developers receive appropriate guidance through the PEP process (...)

Hum, this isn't fully new, some PEPs already got a "PEP champion" (old
name), no?

A recent example is PEP 572 who has been "championed" by Guido van
Rossum, then by Tim Peters. In this specific case, they became
co-authors :-)

> ... eventually becoming a co-author or BDFL-delegate later

Nitpick: since Python has no more BDFL, maybe the expression should
becocme "PEP-delegate"? ;-)

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