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[Python-Dev] [RELEASE] Python 3.8.0a1 is now available for testing

On 2/7/19 5:16 PM, Stephane Wirtel wrote:
> On 02/06, Petr Viktorin wrote:
>> On 2/6/19 8:43 AM, Stephane Wirtel wrote:
>>> On 02/05, Barry Warsaw wrote:
>>>> On Feb 5, 2019, at 02:24, Stephane Wirtel <stephane at wirtel.be> wrote:
>>>> You?re welcome!? I just pushed an update to add 3.8.0a1 to the set 
>>>> of Python?s (including git head).? Do you think there?s a better way 
>>>> to publicize these images?
>>> I know that Julien Palard wanted a docker image with all the versions of
>>> Python, see: https://github.com/docker-library/python/issues/373
>>> For my part, I wanted to propose a docker image with the last version of
>>> Python and try to use it for the detection of bugs in the main python
>>> projects (django, numpy, flask, pandas, etc...) with a CI (example:
>>> Gitlab-CI)
>>> First issue: pytest uses the ast module of python and since 3.8.0a1, the
>>> tests do not pass -> new issue for pytest
>> FWIW, we're preparing to rebuild all Fedora packages with the 3.8 
>> alphas/betas, so everything's tested when 3.8.0 is released: 
>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Python3.8
> Hi Petr,
> Will you execute the tests of these packages?

It's best practice to include the test suite in Fedora packages.
Sometimes it's not ? e.g. if the tests need network access, or all extra 
testing dependencies aren't available, or most frequently, the 
maintainer is just lazy.
If you have a specific package in mind, I can check. Currently django & 
numpy get tested; flask & pandas don't.

For 3.7, we did the rebuild much later in the cycle. The builds 
themselves caught async/await SyntaxErrors, and tests caught a lot of 
StopIteration leaking. At the time it felt like no one really knew what 
porting to 3.7.0 would look like ? similar to how people didn't think 
"unicode" would be a big problem in py3k. That's what we're trying to 
avoid for 3.8.0.

> I have a small discussion with Julien Palard and I wanted to create a
> small CI where I will execute the tests of the updated packages from
> the RSS feed of PyPI.
> The first one was pytest 

That sounds exciting! Something like that is on my "interesting possible 
projects" list, but alas, not at the top :(