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[Python-Dev] [RELEASE] Python 3.8.0a1 is now available for testing

On 2/6/19 2:26 PM, Matthias Klose wrote:
> On 06.02.19 13:23, Petr Viktorin wrote:
>> FWIW, we're preparing to rebuild all Fedora packages with the 3.8 alphas/betas,
>> so everything's tested when 3.8.0 is released:
>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Python3.8
>> That should cover the main Python projects, too.
> well, the real challenge is that all test suites of third party packages still
> pass on all architectures.  From past transitions, I know that this costs the
> most time and resources. 

Same experience here.

In Fedora, tests are generally run as part of the build.
(Sorry, that was definitely not obvious from my message!)

> But yes, targeting 3.8 for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS as well.