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[Python-Dev] Asking for reversion

On Mon, Feb 4, 2019 at 4:21 AM Davin Potts <
python+python_dev at discontinuity.net> wrote:

> I am attempting to do the right thing and am following the advice of other
> core devs in what I have done thus far.
> Borrowing heavily from what I've added to issue35813 just now:
> This work is the result of ~1.5 years of development effort, much of it
> accomplished at the last two core dev sprints.  The code behind it has been
> stable since September 2018 and tested as an independently installable
> package by multiple people.
> I was encouraged by Lukasz, Yury, and others to check in this code early,
> not waiting for tests and docs, in order to both solicit more feedback and
> provide for broader testing.  I understand that doing such a thing is not
> at all a novelty.

Actually it is a novelty (you should wait for review and approval). The
main problem I have with this PR is that it seems to introduce 8 brand new
APIs, but since there is no doc, docstrings or tests it's unclear which
ones are supposed to be used, how or whether they are supposed to supersede
or deprecate older (slower) ones involving inter process communication. The
introduction of new APIs in the stdlib is a sensitive topic because once
they get in they stay in, so a discussion should occur early on,
definitively not at alphaX stage. Don't mean to point fingers here, the
goal in itself (zero-copy, a topic I recently contributed to myself for the
shutil module) is certainly valuable, but I concur and think this change
should be reverted and post-poned for 3.9.

Giampaolo - http://grodola.blogspot.com
Giampaolo - http://grodola.blogspot.com
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